What type of tenants do you let to?
This is a difficult one to answer as tenants we have let to come from varied backgrounds including office staff, business owners, companies providing accommodation for staff, hospital and care workers, factory staff, drivers, building tradesmen, teachers, shop staff, military personnel, racing staff and ministers of religion. Our experience shows that it is not really possible to classify people as “good” or “bad” tenants according their chosen careers.
How long will it take to find a tenant?
There is a good demand for property in the area and the properties usually let quickly. Although demand is strong, the market is still price led and we aim to set the rent at a level at which we can find a tenant within one month or sooner. That way, when tenants give notice to leave we will usually have another tenant ready to move in, so keeping empty periods to a minimum and maximising your income.
What is your occupancy rate?
Based on an analysis of our managed properties over a twelve month period our occupancy rate is around 96.5%. This means that on average, once your property is let you can expect it to be empty awaiting a tenant for just 13 days per year.
What if my tenants don’t pay the rent?
All tenants are comprehensively referenced to ensure affordability but in rare circumstances it is possible, due perhaps to redundancy for example, that they may find themselves in financial difficulty. We suggest therefore that you take advantage of our rental guarantee insurance to ensure that your income is protected. As a new landlord on management service we will include a 12 month policy at no cost to you when tour first tenant moves in.